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1960's Period, US Army, 2 uniform grouping, belonging to Infantry Brigadier General, named: "Royal Reynolds, Jr.", EX-"Gorilla" fighter from the famous "Bataan Death March"
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This is a 2 uniform grouping (plus many "extras"). The uniforms all belonged to US Army, Brigadier General (i.e.: a 1 Star General), named: "Royal Reynolds, Jr.". Reynolds had a FASCINATING! Army career as will be discussed below, but 1st the technical details pertaining to each item. The 1st uniform is a 1961 (?) dated "Shirt, Man's, Cotton, Santeen, 8.7 Oz., O.G.-107". It is in a low-mint condition throughout. It only shows the typically found fading that resulted from wear and washings. Each upper collar lapel has an embroidered and then sewn on white (not the crappy subdued) matching, General's star insignia. The green buttons are correct as are their attaching thread. There is a white name tape found sewn over the right breast pocket. It has "Reynolds" ink printed on and it shows proper white and tan (?) color sewing and age shrinkage in back. There is a "US Army", black and yellow embroidered tape found sewn on the left breast. It also has proper black and green color sewing and shrinkage. The bi-color usage of threads is quite rare to find as it was a lot of effort to do. Sewn just above the US Army tape is a unusual "Basic Parachutist Badge". It is unique in that it is in khaki and white color, which should not have been used on this type of shirt uniform. But alas - soldiers often used whatever was at hand - and this drives the uninitiated collectors nuts! The threading used on this patch exactly, matches that found on the US Army tape - which it should not do. But as said above, using the proper combination of threading took a lot of effort, so the tailor here just used the same bobbins of threads for both the upper and lower patches to save time/effort.

Sewn on the upper left shoulder is a post 1951 period Infantry Center & School "Follow Me" patch. It has, unlike on his other utility uniform, white and green attaching threading. It to shows the proper shrinkage from behind. On the real neat side, there is an unfaded area found behind this patch. It is in the very unique 2nd Infantry Division patch shape of a 3 pointed shield. This adds much character to this uniform and is a trend found on other uniforms belonging to Reynolds. The interior has 2 very faded cloth tags present listing this uniform's nomenclature. One of these tags came off during laundering but is included with the uniform. This uniform includes 3 pairs of Reynold's utility trousers. The 1st pair are in excellent condition, only showing wear and fading from washing. They have 2 cloth tags found sewn inside. One tag reads: 1960 (dated), "Trousers, Men's, Cotton Santeen, 8.5 Oz., OG-107". The 2nd pair is in fair to good condition showing several stains and a large knee area repair. It has 1 cloth tag sewn inside that reads: 1970 (dated), "Trousers, Men's, Cotton Santeen, OG-107". The 3rd pair of utility trousers are of a much earlier 1950's period. They are in excellent condition. They have a inked-in stamping that reads: "Trousers, Field, Cotton, OD". There is another tag found sewn inside, but it is to faded for us to read anymore. Note: Reynolds was a large size man, and all of the uniforms offered are of the proper large size to match.

The 2nd uniform that is included with this grouping is Reynold's White Mess Dress Uniform. This uniform is in excellent plus condition. It shows no staining which is just short of a miracle as these white jackets were almost impossible to keep from getting stained. There are no tags or ink stampings found inside. There was a paper dry cleaners tag found stapled inside that is of an old vintage. It is inked "R-R" on it's side for Royal Reynolds. The tag was removed from the jacket for preservation when the jacket was cleaned by the museum. The tag is included. Like all white mess jackets this example is un-lined inside. It has removable style buttons that are of the 1 piece eagle style. The buttons all appear to be matching and are backmarked. The 2 smaller front closure buttons were missing but 2 have been included by the museum. They need the small false gold connecting chain added (a easy to find and cheap item). Each shoulder has 2 cloth loops for the epaulettes. The epaulettes are not included, but are realtively easy to hunt down. The lower sleeves each have the mohair cloth, extra wide rings indicating General Officer status. Found above them is a single white color Brigadier General's embroidered Star insignia that has then been sewn on. The lapels are un-faced as is correct.

There is evidence that Reynolds had at one time some of his miniature medals on the lapel. His miniature Basic Parachutist Badge is still pinned on the lapel. This jacket includes his commerical tux style black trousers. Commerical trousers were often worn with these style uniforms. The trousers are in mint condition. There is the remains of a paper tag sewn inside a pocket, but it is to deteriorated to read anymore. Lastly, each leg has a single black stripe running down it's length.

Included with this uniform is a beautiful camouflaged neck scarf. Several of the Tank Museum's General's uniform groupings came with one as they appearantly were fairly popular to wear. Also included are 4 white "Reynolds" name tapes. They all have inked on names, and 1 piece was at one time sewn on a uniform. They are all in good condition but do show age soiling. They next item included is a small early WWII khaki color, and rubberized inside "ditty bag". They were often used to store wet or dirty items. Another really neat item included is his Army Green color, General's, Garrison cap. The cap is in excellent, but is aged soiled condition showing very light fading and soiling from much wear in inclement weather. The cap has General Officer's gold braid and the braid has age darkened to a very dark patina making the cap look very classy (when the gold braid is bright it always looks cheap and too flashy for the cap). The cap is not tagged but is imprinted "Flight Arc" inside. Now for the best part - sewn on the side curtain is a nicely aged Officer's style "Paraglider" patch and on the other side there is a single General's Star insignia.

The next 2 items with this grouping are 2 wood plaques. The 1st reads: "Presented To B/G Royal Reynolds, Jr. In Appreciation From The Senior Sergeants US Army Infantry School 1962-1963". The 2nd larger size wood plaque reads: "Presented to Brig. Gen. Royal Reynolds Jr. Assistant Commandant United States Army Infantry School Fort Benning, Georgia From Officers and Men 197th Infantry Brigade "Follow Me" 5 May 1963". The last item included in this grouping is a 17" X 27" silk (?) wall hanging. It is hand painted in many colors and has a map of Korea in the center with a color portrait of Royal Reynolds dressed in his fatigues painted above it. You can still see his name of "Reynolds" painted on his name tape in the portrait portion of the wall hanging. A historically unconcerned mouse ate a 3" X 3" section out of the bottom edge (the nerve of him!) but the item is still presentable never the less. The Tank Museum is also including 13 pages of biographical career informatoin and 3 photos of Reynolds in his uniforms.

Comments from the Curator:

Of all the military items that can be collected these days, few rival the great rarity and popularity of any "Philippine Scouts" items. No introduction should be needed on this extremely well known combat unit. But perchance the purchaser is new to the collecting field and somewhat uninitiated - we will provide some brief history. The Philippine Island Scouts go back to the 1890's Spanish American War period. They were fierce fighters known and feared for their proficient and plentiful use of the knife. The P.I.S. were both Infantry and Cavalry. It was comprised mainly, but not exclusively of Indigenous Filipinos, commanded by white Officer's and (mostly) N.C.O.'s. These P.I.S. often fought against the Muslim Moro Indians of the P.I. chain. In early 1942 Japan attacked the P. Islands. The P.I.S. were the last US Troops to fight on horse, and the last to fight - period. As the US Troops surrendered at Bataan, they were forced to march many miles to prison - being starved, bayoneted, and abused all the way - suffering a great many casualties. This was the infamous "Bataan Death March" of historical infamy. Then Major Reynolds was captured and then ESCAPED! from this Death March - which is an unbelievable feat. He then joined with some surviving P.I.S. and others and became GORILLA fighters against the occupying Imperial Japanese Army Forces of the torturous General Yamashita. Major Reynolds fought the Japanese until 1945 when the Americans re-took the islands. The Bataan Death March soldiers suffered immeasurably during the march, but their fate was to be even worse for some. Many more died in the P.I. P.O.W. camps, and in 1945 the few survivors were packed like cord wood in a couple of tramp steamers for shipment to Japan to get them away from war zone and possible liberation. Unfortunately, these ships sunk with most hands by US submarines who tragically were unaware of their human cargo. For a soldier to have excaped from the carnage of the "Bataan Death March", then the horrors of the P.I. prison camps, and again the tragedy of the Japanese "Death Ships"; this is a story like no other. And Major Reynolds was there witness to it all. This is a very rare chance for a collector to obtain a piece of world history like no other. This is an impossible to improve upon grouping for the discriminating collector.


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