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german tank model
Tamiya German Panzerkampfwagen II Model Kit - CA109
Our Price: $14.00

Brand New Tamiya German Panzerkampfwagen II Tank Model Kit! more info
tamiya tanks
Tamiya 1/35th U.S. M41 Walker Bulldog Tank Model
Our Price: $16.00

The M-41 type tank was greatly improved since its first model appeared in the Korean War and because of its light weight and compactness in size, this type tank was placed mainly with the mechanized cavalry regiment of the U.S. Mechanized Division, as light tanks available for air transportation. more info
military museum
Tamiya 1/35th British Universal Carrier Mk. II Tank Model
Our Price: $20.00

During World War II, Great Britain and its commonwealth Armies used a vast number of small sized, fully tracked weapons carriers, while the American and German forces relied mainly on half-tracks and wheeled transport. more info
japanese tank toy
Tamiya 1/35th Japanese Type 97 Tank Model
Our Price: $20.00

Japanese Medium Tank Type 97 1/35 Scale Model Kit! more info
military tank model
Tamiya German Leopard Medium Tank Kit - CA164
Our Price: $22.00

Brand New Tamiya 1/35 German Leopard Medium Tank Model! more info
military tank toy
Tamiya 1/35th German Panther Medium Tank Model
Our Price: $23.00

In the beginning of 1942, in order to fight against the T-34, the German military ordered a new tank from Daimler-Benz and M.A.N. companies with the following specifications: more info
tamiya tank models
Tamiya British Chieftain Mk 5 Tank Kit - CA168
Our Price: $24.00

Brand New Tamiya British Chieftain Mk 5 Tank Model Kit. more info
Tamiya 1/35th Russian T34/76 CHTZ Tank Model Kit
Tamiya 1/35th Russian T34/76 CHTZ Tank Model Kit
Our Price: $25.00

During the early period of the Second World War, the Wehrmacht invasion into industrialized Russia threatened the supply of critical war materials and manufacturing plants.  Russia's National Defense Committee made a decision to move tank production and associated factories. The location became known as "Tankograd" (Tank City) a nickname acquired for this site situated deep in the Urals. The Russians, with an urgent requirement to reinforce their tank strength, made efforts to simplify tank manufacturing methods.  This resulted in many versions of the T34 tank, that differed greatly from each other.  One of the more distinctive versions was produced at the Chelyabinsk Tractor Works, "ChTZ" in Tankograd in 1943.  This model used a one piece cast turret with pronounced rounding on the edges of the turret roof and a peculiar dip along the lower edge of the turret. This improved turret, had additional periscope and pistol ports, and provided more room and comfort for the crew. A new five-speed transmission with modified clutch was added, replacing four-speed model.  Combined with engine improvements, these modifications extended the time between maintenance and repair. With few of the "ChTZ" versions produced, of the thousands of T34/76 tanks manufactured, it is regarded almost as a rarity. more info
military models
Tamiya 1/35th Russian T34/76 1943 Tank Model
Our Price: $26.00

Russian T34/76 1943 Tank Model Kit! more info
tamiya models
Tamiya 1/35th U.S. M113 APC Tank Model
Our Price: $26.00

The M113 is one of the vehicles most widely used in non-communist countries of the world and is showing activity as transport for infantrymen of free nations. Among the important features of the M113 are smallness, lightness, and therefore easiness to use. It is designed as a light armoured personnel carrier for transporting 13 fully armed riflemen including the driver, but also serves as a cargo boat, ambulance, weapon carrier, command car and reconnaissance car. more info

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